The Kioskers – Work Samples

Prelude 12 Closing Party October 2012 (10 min)

We utilized many of the elements from previous stagings and turned the piece into a concert. We performed four of the songs from the play in the style of a band. The banter is pulled from the script to provide some context but not to overrun the band style performance with text. This was a special presentation for the Prelude 2012 closing night party. This sample contains two of the songs performed.

Dixon Place Workshop January 2012 (18 min)

We presented the first 40 minutes of the script at a Dixon Place workshop evening series. Gary Winter had asked me to be on the bill with him. This was before Alaina was brought in to compose the music so we made up simple tunes for the songs. We realized we needed a composer after this experiment.

RabbitTales Series May 2012 (20 min)

We did not use the actors this time and experimented with the music Alaina Ferris composed for the songs. The dialogue was performed but in a way of concert theater.


Uncanny Valley – July 2012

Selected songs from the evening:

Song of the Robins (3 min)

Seven Seas Daughters (2.5 min)

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