Prelude 2012 – Kioskers Close The Party with…

October 5th 2012

10pm at the Gershwin Hotel – 7 East 27th Street, NYC

We will play songs as the traveling kiosk attendants from the play The Kioskers: I Knew it Was a Floating Palace but the Image I had in Mind was Something More Like the Titanic. It will be celebration.

Artists Involved: Written by Scott Adkins; directed by Meghan Finn; scenic design by Sara Walsh; composed and performed by Alaina Ferris; performed by John Gasper, Lucy Kaminsky, Paul Ketchum, Andrew Sheron, and Samantha Tunnis.

Lead Artist: SCOTT ADKINS is a playwright with an MFA from Brooklyn College. He was in the 2006/2007 Soho Writer/Director Lab. He wears many hats. He lives in Brooklyn with his love Erin, his two boys, and their two dogs.

The full schedule for Prelude 2012 is available here:

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