Upcoming Deep Space Residency at NACL

I am super excited to have received a 2015 Deep Space performance residency at NACL. This will be a week long development phase for The Kioskers where we will for the first time bring together the music composed by Alaina Ferris, the puppets designed by Sara C Walsh, the dances choreographed by KatieRose McLaughlin, all under the direction of Mia Rovegno. This is an all star team of core collaborators who will be working with performer/musicians: Matt Korahais, John Gasper, Jean Grant, Andrew Sheron, and Loren Beri.

Please DONATE what you can to help us go beyond beyond. Our fundraising goal to be able to attend the NACL residency is $5,500. Every dollar helps and any dollar we raise above and beyond our budget will go towards our full production in the Spring 2016.

Check out our dedicated website for updates.

The Kioskers is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of The Kioskers must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


The Kioskers – Work Samples

Prelude 12 Closing Party October 2012 (10 min)

We utilized many of the elements from previous stagings and turned the piece into a concert. We performed four of the songs from the play in the style of a band. The banter is pulled from the script to provide some context but not to overrun the band style performance with text. This was a special presentation for the Prelude 2012 closing night party. This sample contains two of the songs performed.

Dixon Place Workshop January 2012 (18 min)

We presented the first 40 minutes of the script at a Dixon Place workshop evening series. Gary Winter had asked me to be on the bill with him. This was before Alaina was brought in to compose the music so we made up simple tunes for the songs. We realized we needed a composer after this experiment.

RabbitTales Series May 2012 (20 min)

We did not use the actors this time and experimented with the music Alaina Ferris composed for the songs. The dialogue was performed but in a way of concert theater.


Uncanny Valley – July 2012

Selected songs from the evening:

Song of the Robins (3 min)

Seven Seas Daughters (2.5 min)

The Kioskers

The Kioskers (full script) – download


August 2010 – Script written on a Pataphysics Silent Retreated lead by Erik Ehn


Fall 2010 – team assembled, Megan Finn as director and Sara Walsh as designer


June 19 2011 – private read through with Travis York, Brian Hastert, Jocelyn Kuritsky, Kourtney Rutherford, Matt Korahais, Megan Finn, and Erin Courtney


September 5, 2011 – first half of play presented at the annual Cho-Chiqq Backyard BBQ Theater Event – cast Travis York, Kip Fagan, Anna Elliott, and Lucy Kaminsky. Sara Walsh flew a miniature dirigible over the seven seas.


January 25, 2012 – Presented staged reading of first half of script and songs at Dixon Place. Sara Walsh designed and built a set that popped out of a suitcase and performed shadow puppetry. Meghan Finn directed. Cast: Matthew Korahais, Travis York, Paula Llabaca, and Samantha Tunis.


May 10, 20112 – Rabbit Hole Studio – Rabbit Tales – Presented 20 minutes of text and song. Added Alaina Ferris to the team as composer. She wrote music for three of the songs for this presentation. Created shadow puppetry video to show the dirigible flying. Cast: Sara Walsh, Scott Adkins, Alaina Ferris, and Paul Ketchum. Jeffrey Jones attended and said “absolute gossamer magic!”


July 28, 2012 – Uncanny Valley – presented more songs and scenes from the first half of script. Matt Korahais, Sammy Tunis, Alaina Ferris, Paul Ketchum, and Lucy Kaminsky.


Oct 5, 2012 – PRELUDE .12 Closing Party – Performed all the songs from the Kioskers. Alaina Ferris assembled musicians and music directed cast. Sara Walsh created stop motion video to illustrate the play and convey the plays aesthetic. The video ran behind the singers/performers on a loop. Peformers: Samantha Tunis, Lucy Kaminsky, Paul Ketchum, Alaina Ferris, John Gasper, and Andrew Sheron.

Find links to video excerpts of the performances.

Prelude 2012 – Kioskers Close The Party with…

October 5th 2012

10pm at the Gershwin Hotel – 7 East 27th Street, NYC

We will play songs as the traveling kiosk attendants from the play The Kioskers: I Knew it Was a Floating Palace but the Image I had in Mind was Something More Like the Titanic. It will be celebration.

Artists Involved: Written by Scott Adkins; directed by Meghan Finn; scenic design by Sara Walsh; composed and performed by Alaina Ferris; performed by John Gasper, Lucy Kaminsky, Paul Ketchum, Andrew Sheron, and Samantha Tunnis.

Lead Artist: SCOTT ADKINS is a playwright with an MFA from Brooklyn College. He was in the 2006/2007 Soho Writer/Director Lab. He wears many hats. He lives in Brooklyn with his love Erin, his two boys, and their two dogs.

The full schedule for Prelude 2012 is available here: preludenyc.org